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Professional Development Workshops

Ashley provides professional development workshops & seminars to schools throughout the United States. With a focus on enhancing curriculum and pedagogy, math specific strategies, incorporating SEL into content, PLC planning, and bringing research based practice to action in the classroom, workshops can be customized to your campus/district needs.

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Latest Blog Posts

Two Small Coaching Questions

This year has been a huge shift in learning. I had got to learn how to implement new programs, learn from new interactions, and learn how to adjust to new work environments. There have been a lot of major changes throughout each of these experiences, but recently, I’ve been enjoying reflecting back on the small… Read more Two Small Coaching Questions

8 Ways to Embed SEL within Academic Content

Although the term social emotional learning has been around for over 25 years, SEL has recently gained momentum as more and more educators see the immense need for supporting it within both adults and students. My own knowledge has grown, too, after several collaborative conversations with colleagues, Carrie Edmond and Rebekah Kmieciak, and making time… Read more 8 Ways to Embed SEL within Academic Content


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