Back to School Night: Two of My Favorite Things To Do

We just had back to school night last night with the parents and I wanted to share two of my favorite things that I always enjoy doing. It’s always quick night having to rush through so much information such as briefly explaining about myself as a teacher, the class, expectations, class trips, and so much more, all in about 8 minutes! But no matter what, I will always make time for these two things.

  1. IMG_7198Good News Post Cards: I started this last year and thanks to our bookkeeper, she helped design and print the post cards for me. The picture to the left is the front…yes, our mascot is a globe :)…and on the back is our school’s return address and a space for parents to write their name and address. As parents walk into my class on back to school night, I have them write their name and address on the postcards. Then, before presenting my class information, I explain that I think parents don’t hear enough good things about their students. So, throughout the year we, as a team, will be hand writing them little post cards when their student does something great. I love doing this because I think we all get caught up in some of the craziness of the year, but taking a moment to reflect on the good our students are doing really helps refocus our energy. We plan to write one each during team meetings and sign them from all the teachers.
  2. Parent Note Cards: At the end of my presentation, I pass out note cards and ask parents to write one thing about their student that I might not know, or that they want me to know. I love reading the proud things parents say, the insightful comments they say about their child as a learner, and the interesting facts they share about their kids. In a night of speedy conversations and lots of information, it helps to give parents a voice.

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