Open Middle Digital Task for Slope

After watching the Open Middle webinar this weekend, I got inspired to create something for teachers I work with to incorporate Open Middle in their classroom. One thing one of my campuses is working on is question #4 of the PLC (how can we extend and enrich for students who have demonstrated proficiency? (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, & Many, 2010) At the end of the webinar, Robert Kaplinsky asked us to reflect on our next steps. I think gradually incorporating Open Middle after traditional practice is the perfect way to extend. So, I created this activity through Google Slides (learned from our technology specialist). Click below for the resources and see more on my Instagram: @taplinsteaching.

    Link to GooglePresentation:

    Link to Recording Sheet:

Thank you again, Robert Kaplinsky and the Open Middle team for your inspiration!

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