Multiple Representations with Rate of Change

Last year, I posted about a teacher using multiple representations during her lesson and I loved her structure. So, as I was working with the Algebra 1 Curriculum I thought her multi rep structure would be perfect to create a resource with TEKS A.3B and A.3A. I also wanted to make it an interactive practice day, so here’s what I created and how to set it up with your students: Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 1.37.09 PM

  1. Group students in groups of 2 or 3 and display/explain the learning target and success criteria (provided on the handout).
  2. Pass out one paper per student (each student should have a different problem).
  3. Every student starts by analyzing their own graph in the top left gray-ed out section and moves right (in the direction of the arrows) to create a table (setting a timer may help for facilitation). Every student should be working on the table section together, but with a different scenario. They can discuss the table together if needed.
  4. After the timer goes off, they will pass their paper in a circle to the next person. Another timer is set and all students will check the work done by the previous person and then all begin to work on the next section (calculate the rate of change).
  5. Repeat again for the last section (describe the meaning).
  6. The last paper is a challenge paper because it does not have any scenario…students will create their own units for the table and describe a scenario that could match the graph. This can either be done individually and then compare scenarios, together as a group, or in the same rotating way as described above.

*The first paper is scaffolded with labeled points on the graph and a sentence stem for the description section.

*The last paper is to be completed independently as formative feedback on the learning target and success criteria.

*Thank you to this teacher who I meant ironed earlier for inspiring this idea!

Below are the Word Document and PDF of the task.

Multi Rep Word Doc

Multi Rep PDF

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